Note this WhatsApp Latest Feature Update

When we want to leave the group, there will be the words “You left” that appears in the group. Now we must thank the latest WhatsApp update. Now we don’t need to be shy anymore because we can quietly leave the group.

Only the admin will know that we have left the group. Even so, other group participants can still access other user status from the “view past participants” menu. Through this menu, WhatsApp users can see when someone left the group or was removed from the group in the last 60 days.

Change Message Delete Time

One of the other updates implemented by WhatsApp is to extend the time limit for deleting messages that have been sent. This may seem trivial, but it is quite useful in some situations.

If in the past we had a time lag of 1 hour 8 minutes 16 seconds to immediately delete a message after it was sent, now WhatsApp gives a more relaxed time limit for “Delete for everyone”. That is 2 days 12 hours.

Special Viewing Unread Messages

So far, we can only see messages from the “Chat” column. The problem is, in the “Chat” column all messages, whether they have been read or not, will be mixed into one. This is quite difficult to sort out if we often receive many messages in the near future.

Now in the latest WhatsApp update there is an “Unread” option added by WhatsApp. The trick is to click the “search” icon, then click “Unread” to bring up a row of messages that have not been read. This will certainly make it easier for those of you who join many important groups or who work as WhatsApp admins!

Send Messages Without Saving Numbers

Previously, if you wanted to send messages to other WhatsApp users, there was one condition that had to be met. You must first save the number before you can send a chat to the user. Indeed, there are several ways to send WhatsApp messages without saving the number, but they still can’t send them instantly.

In the latest WhatsApp update, we are finally given the freedom to send messages instantly without the need to save the number. You do this by clicking on the “Chat with (WhatsApp user number)” option. Then you can then chat without having to save the number.

File Send Limit Up To 2 GB

One of the things that users often complain about WhatsApp is about the file size limit that the application can send. For people who use WhatsApp as their main application for work, the maximum size of 100MB clearly limits their activities.

If you are also complaining about the same thing, now you can be a little relieved. The reason is that in the latest WhatsApp update, the file size limit that can be sent has been increased. Now the limit for sending files that can be sent is 2GB.

Those were some of the latest WhatsApp updates as of September 9, 2022. Some of these updates are intended to address user complaints. Unfortunately, there is still no fix for the “Online” status issue even though we are not using WhatsApp!

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